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TWO is a sole practicioner architectural operation aimed at being an antidote to today's over-specialisation of architectural career, to help with a wide range of architecture-related activities, from planning applications to information packages, prefessional representation, and academic collaboration.

Why TWO?
Despite its merits, the specialisation of architecture-related careers, can force those in need to use specialists towards larger operations and unaffordable costs. TWO aims to respond to this by offering specialism where the use of larger specialist bodies are not needed or affordable. This not only corresponds to the needs of people with simple and small-scale works, but also to those of larger organisations needing help in certain aspects of their work. The existing multi-aspect knowledge and experience in TWO will equally serve both types of needs. Please see the breakdown of our services under 'About Us' section for more details.
TWO Architectural
Tel: 07742094002
South Woodford
London E18